Eligibility Criteria

School Attendance

  • The head of household must ensure their children age 7 to 12 attend school as required by state law and take every reasonable action to ensure the child is not at risk of failing to advance to the next grade level.
  • A child age 18 or over, not in school full-time, is ineligible.
  • A child age 18 in school (high school, technical or vocational, includes GED program) full time and expected to graduate before or in the month of their 19th birthday is eligible for TANF through their graduation month.
  • A child who will not graduate, or complete their GED, until after the month of their 19th birthday is ineligible the month following their 18th birthday.
  • For minor parents to be eligible for assistance, they must be enrolled and attending high school or actively participating in a GED program and making adequate progress.



    Time Limits

    A TANF-NEON and/or TANF Loan household in which any adult member (this includes a minor parent who is/was the head of household for their own case) received TANF cash assistance from Nevada or any other state for 60 months, regardless of whether consecutive or cumulative, is prohibited from receiving TANF-NEON and/or Loan cash benefits unless they experience a qualifying hardship.

    Nevada TANF-NEON and/or Loan households may receive 24 months of cash assistance, after which time they are ineligible to receive cash benefits for 12 consecutive months, unless they experience a qualifying hardship.

    The 24 months of benefits need not be consecutive but the 12 month sit-out period is consecutive. A recipient may receive a six month extension to the two-year time limit if the District Office Manager determines the recipient would achieve self-sufficiency by giving the additional time.




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