SNAP/TANF-Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is a system which allows a recipient to transfer SNAP benefits from their EBT account to a food retailer's account to pay for products received.  EBT eliminates the extra processes required by the paper food stamp system, and automates the accounting process.

Benefits are accessed by the use of an EBT card (like a debit or credit card) and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Each time the card is used, the benefit account balance is reduced by the amount of the purchase.  If the card is lost or stolen, it can't be used by anyone who does not know the PIN, and it may easily be canceled and replaced.  All SNAP recipients in Nevada receive their benefits using EBT. It is your responsibility to protect your benefits. 


The following prevention tips will help minimize the chances of being a victim of stolen benefits. 

  • Use only the EBT Edge site or mobile application.
  • Freeze of lock your EBT card when not in use.
  • Change your PIN monthly before your benefit issuance date.
  • Avoid simple PINs such as dates of birth, part of your social security number, or easily guessed PINs like 1234, or 9876.
  • Do not share your PIN with anyone outside of your household and keep both your EBT card number and PIN a secret. 
  • Do not respond to phone calls or text messages asking for your EBT card number or PIN.
  • Check your EBT balance regularly for unauthorized transactions. 

Lost EBT

To access your TANF/SNAP EBT Card account information, click the link below:

    Notice of Change to EBT Card Usage Policy

    SNAP households must use their EBT card at least once within a 274 day period or the benefits will be removed for inactivity.