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Child Support

Child Support Enforcement is a family-first program intended to ensure families self-sufficiency by making child support a more reliable source of income.
The program goals are to ensure children have the financial and medical support of both their parents; to foster responsible behavior towards children; to emphasize the childs needs to have both parents involved in their lives; and reduce welfare costs.

    Apply for Child Support:

    To apply for Child Support services download and complete the Child Support Application and mail, fax or walk into your local Child Support office.

    Application for Child Support Services

    Solicitud de Manutención De Los Hijos

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      Child Support Enforcement Program will charge and collect from the custodial parent of a child a $25 annual fee for each case the State has collected and disbursed more than $500 and in which the person for whom the collection is made has never received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)


      For information regarding welfare or child support programs:

      Send Us An E-Mail 

      In State:

      (800) 992-0900

      Northern Nevada:

      (775) 684-7200

      Southern Nevada:

      (702) 486-1646 


        PLEASE NOTE:
        Customer Service experiences exceptionally high call volumes, especially the first week of each month. Alternate phone numbers for each office are provided on the Child Support Offices web page.