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Child Support

Child Support Enforcement is a family-first program intended to ensure families self-sufficiency by making child support a more reliable source of income.

    The program goals are to ensure children have the financial and medical support of both their parents; to foster responsible behavior towards children; to emphasize the childs needs to have both parents involved in their lives; and reduce welfare costs.

      Apply for Child Support Services:

      To apply for Child Support services download, print, and complete the Child Support Application and mail, fax or walk into your local Child Support office.

           PLEASE NOTE: 
          Child Support Enforcement Program will charge and collect, from the custodial parent of a child, a $25 annual fee for each case the State has collected and disbursed more than $500 and in which the person for whom the collection is made has never received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

            For information regarding welfare or child support programs:

            Send Us An E-Mail

              Location Phone 
              Toll Free (800) 992-00900
              Northern Nevada (775) 684-7200
              Southern Nevada (702) 486-1646

                 PLEASE NOTE:
                Customer Service experiences exceptionally
                high call volumes, especially the first week of each month. Alternate phone numbers for each office are provided on the Child Support Offices web page.