Energy Assistance Program-Specialized Programs

The Crisis Intervention Component  

The Crisis Intervention Component assists households with a chronic or long term illness, that pay out of pocket medical expenses and whose gross annual income exceeds 150 percent of poverty. Allowable qualifying expenses have to reduce the annual income to at or below 150 percent of poverty. Qualifying expenses must be supported by valid and verifiable documentation.

    The Fast-Track Component  

    The Fast-Track Component provides expedited application processing to eligible households whose energy source is in danger of being interrupted. Specific eligibility criteria must be met to qualify. In addition to other qualifying criteria, the household must have experienced an unexpected loss or reduction of income during the last 2 to 5 months that equals at least 15 percent of the gross household income.

      The Arrearage Payment Component  

      The Arrearage Payment Component provides assistance to qualified households to bring past due charges on their heating and/or cooling bills current, once every five years, when funding is available. The request for arrearage assistance may be made at, or following, the date of request for a regular annual benefit. A household's annual income may not exceed 150 percent of poverty.

        For more information on these Specialized Programs please contact the local  EAP Office.

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