Nevada Child Care Licensing FAQs

What are the initial requirements for new employees?

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Before they Begin Work

  • New hires must have a negative Tb Test completed before they may begin work.
Within 24 Hours of Hire

New hires must be fingerprinted by your local law enforcement agency within 24 hours of hire. This includes the facility notifying Child Care Licensing of the new hire using the current Change in Personnel form, submission of the fully completed, and current Consent and Release form signed by law enforcement and the Director.

  • New hires may not be left unattended with children until you have received a Clearance Memo.
Within the First 2 Weeks

Within the first 2 weeks, the new hire must be provided with an oral and written orientation to the facility, your policies and procedures and Child Care Licensing requirements. This must be documented with signatures and dates and kept in the employee’s file.

Within 90 Days
Within the first 90 days, new hires must complete in person training in:

  • CPR/ FA that addresses the ages of all the children in your facility and 
  • Signs of Illness/Bloodborne Pathogens. 
  • Additional training that may be in person or online include 3 hours of 
    • Child Development, Guidance or Discipline, 
    • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome training if the new hire will be working with infants 1 year of age and under. 
Application must also be made to the Nevada Registry upon completion of all initial requirements.


What is the process for becoming licensed (for business license and child care license) and how much does it cost?

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Because requirements vary by jurisdiction, you should contact the Surveyor for your area to get information on becoming licensed. Some areas have zoning restrictions, special use permits, business license requirements, fire or health restrictions, etc., which may have associated costs.

Do I need a Child Care License? Who needs a Child Care License?

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A license is required by the State of Nevada for the provision of child care services to more than 4 children who are not related to you and/or for whom you receive payment. Some jurisdictions have different requirements, so check with your town, city or county to see if you need a Special Use Permit as well. An accommodation facility, such as a gym, may provide care to children without a license if they do not receive any type of compensation, ie: “facility fee” for that service. There still may be fire code limits on how many children they may care for at one time. Also, be advised, unlicensed facilities may not have the same standards of care as are required for licensed facilities.

What are the rules for operating a Child Care?

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Child Care Licensing Laws and Regulations Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 432A or Nevada Administrative Code 432A.

Where can I find information regarding training requirements?

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Currently, all facility employees, except Family and Group Care Homes are required to complete 24 annual training hours depending on when the facility license expires. Family and Group Care Home Providers are currently required to complete 15 hours of annual training. Annual training MUST include at least 2 hours of training in Health, Obesity and/ or Wellness. The Nevada Registry website at provides listings of all approved training hours for the state. You may also complete Early Childhood College Courses which translate to 15 training hours per credit taken.

I am moving to a new facility, do I need to be re-fingerprinted?

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It depends. When moving to a new facility, if you have an unexpired Clearance Memo from Child Care Licensing, you must complete a current Consent and Release and the facility must complete a Change in Personnel in order to be issued an updated
Clearance Memo for your current facility.

Some fingerprints can be used across jurisdictions but you will need to contact your local policing agency for clarification.

Who counts in the ratio?

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Any staff or volunteers who have a completed background check and have taken First Aid and Signs of Illness can be counted as caregivers for ratios, as can caregivers under the age of 18. Each volunteer and caregiver under the age of 18 must be supervised by a fully qualified caregiver over the age of 18 at all times.

What is the ratio of children to caregivers?

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The document below outlines the allowable ratios of children to caregivers in Nevada child care facilities.

Can a facility accept a child who is not immunized?

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Yes. The parent or guardian must provide you with a Medical or Religious Exemption which must be kept in the child’s file. Additionally, you may wish to have a policy wherein children who are not immunized against certain diseases may be excluded from your program in the event of an outbreak.

I own a house, can I use it to provide child care if I don’t live there?

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As a Family or Group Care provider you are required to live in the home where services are provided.

Are there any requirements/restrictions for meal service?

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You will need to check with your local health department to find out. Preparing fresh cooked meals from raw food typically requires a Kitchen Permit. Assembling simple sandwiches and snacks or reheating foods generally does not require a permit.

Whom do I call to get more information?

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Southern Nevada Child Care Licensing Office: (702) 486-3822

Northern Nevada Child Care Licensing Office: (775) 684-4463 and the 

Rural Nevada Office: (775) 753-1237

Washoe County: (775) 337-4470.

Who else needs to inspect?

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Depending on where you are located, your facility may need to be inspected by the Health Department. Contact your surveyor for more information on whether this is required. Additionally, all facilities must have an annual Fire/Life Safety inspection. Your surveyor can provide you with more information.

My health department says I can use something different for sanitizing. Is that allowed?

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Child Care Licensing recognizes our professional partners. If your local Health Department has indicated that you may use an alternative to the two step procedure outlined in Child Care Regulations, we will accept that alternative, however, disinfecting wipes of any kind are NOT a substitute for sanitizing compounds.

How much square footage is needed per child?

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A facility must have 35 square feet of space per child indoors, not including hallways, bathrooms or kitchens and 37.5 square feet of space per child outdoors. In addition, there must be 5 square feet of shaded area per child outdoors during the months of April to September. Your Child Care Surveyor can assist you with measuring.

Where can I find a listing of Licensed Child Care Facilities in Nevada?

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In your web browser, type go be directed to our online database where you can search for licensed child care throughout Nevada. You can also view each facility's inspection information.

Where can I file a complaint against a Child Care?

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Feel free to call your local Child Care Licensing office at the numbers noted above if you have any concerns regarding a child care facility in the state of Nevada. Child Care Licensing wants to ensure the safety and well-being of children in out of home care.


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