Energy Assistance Program-Apply

Energy Assistance Program - Apply

Apply for the Energy Assistance Program:

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Energy Assistance Application 

Solicitud De Asistencia Para Servicios de Energía

Energy Assistance Application-Vision Impaired  

Energy Assistance Program Application Process:

Submit a completed application with the following verification:

  • Proof of ALL income for EVERY PERSON in the household for at least the last thirty (30) days and;
  • Provide a complete copy of your rental agreement / lease (listing all persons in your household) or a copy of your mortgage statement and;
  • Proof of identity for the head of household and;
  • Proof of citizenship or legal status if born outside of the United States and;
  • Copies of your most recent heating/cooling bills and;
  • If the utility bill is not in the applicant’s name, proof of identity for the individual listed on the utility bill is required along with written authorization for the applicant to apply and;
  • If the household expenses exceed the household income, proof of how the household is meeting their needs.

Note: Prior year recipients may not reapply until approximately 11 months after they received their last benefit.

In addition to the online application, paper applications may be obtained through any EAP Office, any Welfare Office, the Customer Service Unit (CSU) or through one of many Intake Sites around the State. Intake Sites will also provide assistance in completing and mailing applications to the EAP Office.

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