Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services is to engage clients, staff, and the community to provide public assistance benefits to all who qualify and reasonable support for children with absentee parents to help Nevadans achieve safe, stable, and healthy lives.

***Child Support is Changing Debit Card Vendors***

The Nevada Child Support Enforcement Program is changing debit card vendors. If you are a child support recipient receiving payments via a prepaid USBank ReliaCard debit card, you will soon receive a new Way2Go Card® prepaid Mastercard. You will continue to receive your Nevada Child Support payments on your current USBank ReliaCard through February 29, 2024. Starting on March 1, 2024, all payments will automatically be deposited to your new Way2Go Card. Notice of Change / Notice of Change_Spanish.

***Child Support Employer Services Portal***

The Child Support, Employer Services Portal (ESP) allows Employers the ability to view and provide information to DWSS, such as, view and respond to Income Withholding Orders, employment verification requests, update employee/company information and much more.

***Child Support Customer Service Portal***

The Child Support, Customer Service Portal (CSP) allows Customers the ability to view and provide information to DWSS, such as, view payments and notices, apply for services, update information and much more.