Quality Control

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Nevada’s Quality Control Unit (QC), also known as Program Review and Evaluation (PRE), measures the SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, and the Childcare program for eligibility and payment accuracy. The Unit also reviews TANF’s New Employees of Nevada (NEON) program, verifying activity requirements are addressed and reported.

    Data collected by the quality control staff are analyzed and used for future program improvements which benefits the public DWSS serves.

      The Division of Welfare and Supportive Services Administrative Adjudications Unit (AAU) is notified when a request for a hearing is made by the customer or the Investigations and Recovery (I&R) unit. An adjudication meeting is scheduled where each attendee has the opportunity to testify each person’s argument regarding the charges or disagreement of eligibility. The AAU Hearing Officers can also receive documents offered before and after the trial to evaluate the claim. After receiving evidence and hearing the arguments, the Hearing Officers will then decide whether the evidence provided proves the charges.

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