Kinship Care Program

Cash Benefits for Children Living With Relatives Other than Parents.

Payment Allowances:

Up to $418 per month when the only child is 0-12 years of age;
Up to $401 per month for each child when there are 2 or more children 0-12 years of age; and
Up to $463 per month for each child age 13 and older.


To be eligible for a Kinship Care payment, you must:

  • Be age 62 or older;
  • Be a non-parent, non-needy relative caregiver (not requesting assistance for yourself);
  • Be caring for and residing with a child who is related by blood, adoption or marriage for at least six consecutive months;
  • Have obtained Nevada court approval of legal guardianship;
  • Comply with court-imposed requirements;
  • Relative household members must have a combined income below 275% of the Federal Poverty Level AND the child(ren) must meet the age, citizenship, and resource eligibility requirements for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

    The Division can help you qualify for Kinship Care by:

    • Assisting you in the application and verification process;
    • Reimburse the relative caregiver up to $750 for legal counsel sought independently, to obtain guardianship, if approved for the Non-Needy Relative Caretaker TANF Program.

      If you are caring for a child but do not meet the Kinship Care requirements listed above, you may contact the Division for information on other cash and Medicaid programs you may be able to receive for the child and/or yourself.

      To apply for Kinship Care or other TANF or Medicaid benefits, contact your local welfare office.