Early Care & Education Office-QRIS

Silver State Stars Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS):

The Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, Office of Early Care and Education is excited to announce the launch of Nevada's Silver State Stars QRIS.

Silver State Stars QRIS is a voluntary program open to all child care centers in Nevada. The QRIS is a systemic approach to improve and assess the level of quality in child care centers. The QRIS also helps families find high quality child care that fits their needs and the needs of their children. There is no cost to centers or their families. Centers interested in participating must attend the training: Introduction to Nevada's Silver State Stars QRIS. Dates and location of this training will be posted on The Nevada Registry website.

Silver State Stars is a five star system:

    One Star = center has signed up for the QRIS coaching program. They are working on making center-wide improvements to their policies, procedures, classroom environments, and staff professional development. By participating, centers are demonstrating a commitment to improving quality.
    Two Stars - Five Star = center has been officially rated. They have demonstrated and documented quality indicators above licensing regulation requirements. A rating is valid for two years.

Centers not indicated with a star level have chosen not to participate in the QRIS. Home providers are not included in the QRIS at this time.

What is a QRIS?

  •  A QRIS defines "quality child care" and creates stronger learning environments for children using standardized, research based criteria.
  • A QRIS provides a roadmap and support to improve the quality of early care and education services.
  • Through the QRIS, early childhood programs are assessed and given a number of "stars" to indicate what level of quality has been reached.
  • QRIS standards include quality indicators that expand on licensing requirements in the areas of: program policies and procedures; administration and staff development; health and safety; and family and community partners.

Advantages of QRIS

  •  Recognizes a program's strengths while helping them develop a plan for improvement.
  • Provides access to resources (technical assistance, coaching, training, and financial incentives) that help child care programs improve and sustain higher quality.
  • Informs parents regarding child care choices and become better consumers.
  • Brings community awareness to the critical role that the early years play in preparing children for school and for life.

Contact Information

For more information, please visit the Silver State Stars Nevada QRIS.