TANF - Program Categories

The Division of Welfare and supportive Services administers the following cash programs for single parent(s), two parent families with dependent children, non parent relatives caring for dependent children, children and others who meet the program definition and requirements.

Dollar TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) BENEFITS

    • NEON - This is the state's work program and is considered assistance and State and Federal time limits apply for receipt of cash assistance.
    • TANF CHILD - These are households with no a "work eligible" adult included and is considered assistance; however, time limits do not apply to this category.
    • SELF-SUFFICIENCY GRANT - This is a one-time lump sum payment to help families who would be otherwise eligible for another program to preserve their independence from long-time dependence on Welfare and is not considered assistance.
    • TEMP PROGRAM - This program provides a monthly payment to meet an immediate episode of need and limited to no more than four months per episode. An episode of need is defined as an unforeseen circumstance such as a flood, earthquake, etc. This is not defined as assistance.
    • LOAN PROGRAM - This program provides eligible households monthly payment to meet the family's needs only when an adult household member has a future anticipated source of income. The expectation is the benefits will be repaid upon the receipt of the anticipated income. This is not defined as assistance.