Eligibility Criteria


Applicants must be living in the state with the intention of making Nevada their home permanently, for an indefinite period, or entering Nevada with a job commitment or seeking employment.



    Resources / Property

    Liquid and non-liquid resources are evaluated to determine whether or not they are countable. Beginning July 1, 2014 countable resources cannot exceed $6,000 per TANF household. If the resources exceed the limit, the application will be denied or the case will be terminated. The countable resources prior to July 1, 2014, was $2,000.

    There are certain types of resource which are not counted when determining eligibility such as:

    • One automobile.
    • The home, including any contiguous land, which is the usual residence of the assistance unit that the household owns or is buying.
    • One burial plot for each member of the household.
    • One Bona fide funeral agreements for each member of the TANF assistance unit.
    • Household goods and personal items. 


      Sanctions for Non-Cooperation

      Sanctions are imposed against TANF-NEON and TANF Child-Only households who do not cooperate with the terms of their PRP. The household is given a time period (30 or 10 days) to work with their case manager to resolve the compliance issue. If the household is not in compliance with their PRP after this conciliation period, cash benefits are terminated and the household is ineligible to receive cash assistance for three consecutive months.




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