Eligibility Criteria

Furnishing Social Security Numbers

Each TANF member of the household must provide or apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) unless religious beliefs prohibit enumeration. Non-qualified non-citizens are not required to provide or apply for an SSN.



    The head of household must provide proof immediately, or within six months, that all children for whom benefits are received are appropriately immunized. Each household is advised of the availability of standard immunizations through clinics. Exemptions are provided for religious belief or medical conditions.


      Income / Consideration / Budgeting

      The household members must have countable income within certain limits to be eligible for any TANF benefit. The maximum allowable income is based upon the number of eligible persons in the household.

      A monthly budget is completed for all households with income to determine eligibility without application of disregards. Also, some types of income are counted in this test and not counted in the cash benefit computation. If gross income is less than 130% of poverty; next a 100% Needs Standard Test is used to determine if earned income disregards can be applied.

      The cash benefit is computed by subtracting allowable disregards from gross earned income to arrive at the net earned income, adding unearned income to arrive at the total countable income. The total countable income is compared to the payment standard for the household size. The income of stepparents and responsible parents are also budgeted towards the needs of the TANF household.



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