Eligibility Criteria

Child Support Enforcement Program (CSEP)

The parent(s)/relative caregiver of all children must cooperate in establishing paternity or seeking child support from non-custodial parents. TANF is denied or terminated if the parent(s) caregivers fails or refuses to cooperate with CSEP or the District Attorney in establishing paternity or seeking support, unless good cause for failing to cooperate is substantiated.


    Children Must be Living in the Home of a Specified Relative

    The child(ren) must be living with the individual applying for assistance on their behalf that provides care and supervision and is the child's (not all inclusive:

    • Father, mother, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother;
    • Uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, first cousin; OR
    • Stepfather, stepmother, stepsister, stepbrother




      All persons applying for or receiving TANF must provide satisfactory evidence of citizenship or qualified non-citizenship status.



        Cooperation / Reporting Obligations

        TANF households are required to cooperate by providing necessary information to determine initial and ongoing eligibility, and to report changes which may affect their eligibility for TANF benefits.



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