Eligibility Criteria

Age / School Requirements

  • The head of household must ensure their children age 7 to 12 attend school as required by state law and take every reasonable action to ensure the child is not at risk of failing to advance to the next grade level.
  • A child age 18 or over, not in school full-time, is ineligible.
  • A child age 18 in school (high school, technical or vocational, includes GED program) full time and expected to graduate before or in the month of their 19th birthday is eligible for TANF through their graduation month.
  • A child who will not graduate, or complete their GED, until after the month of their 19th birthday is ineligible the month following their 18th birthday.
  • For minor parents to be eligible for assistance, they must be enrolled and attending high school or actively participating in a GED program and making adequate progress.


    Agreement of Cooperation

    Adult household member(s) must sign an Agreement of Cooperation which includes their responsibilities as a condition of receiving benefits and describes the penalties that may be imposed for failure to comply.



      (Applies to TANF/NEON, Loan and Child-Only):

      An assessment is required for each household member to evaluate existing skills, prior work experience and employability. It also determines the family needs including job training, child care, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, domestic violence services, or other issues which may be barriers to self-sufficiency.



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