Information for Employers-Recap

To Recap:

  1. Deduct child support payment, submit via EFT, online, or mail to SCaDU.
  2. Deduct the $2.00 Treasurer's Fee, submit via EFT, online, or mail to the State Treasurer.
  3. Deduct up to $3.00 for each withholding, which is retained by the employer.

Employer responsibilities regarding child support fall into four (4) areas:

  1. Report all newly hired or re-hired employees.
  2. Pursuant to an order, withhold income for child support and health insurance premiums for medical support.
  3. Remit withheld payments.
  4. Report terminated employees.

Employers who comply with child support laws help their communities:

  • By deducting for child and medical support obligations - More than 70% of child support collections sent to families come from income withholding.
  • By saving taxpayers’ dollars - Child support collections reimburse public assistance spending and reduce government spending by increasing child support collections for families who would otherwise be forced to seek public assistance.
  • By preventing and reducing fraud - State agencies use new hire employment information to reduce over payments in areas of public assistance, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and workers’ compensation benefits.
  • By promoting a stable and reliable workforce - Employees whose children are provided consistent support will face less stress and be better able to focus on their jobs.
  • By encouraging a future skilled workforce - Providing financial stability through child support contributes to the education and training of a new generation of workers.

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