Termination Notices:

***Attention Child Support Payers***

Payment limits have increased for online and telephone payments.  Click the link below for current payment limits.

Notice to Employers - Income Withholding Requirements

NRS 31A.090 requires all employers with 50 or more staff to submit child support payments to the State Collections and Disbursement Unit (SCaDU) by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Instructions

    Termination Notices:

    When to Report Terminations:

    A termination occurs when the employee quits, retires, is fired or laid-off. All terminated employees who have child support income withholding orders must report employee terminations to the child support office that issued the income withholding order/notice. Reporting a termination should be done as soon as possible following the termination date. Reporting a termination lets the child support office know why the employer is no longer withholding income. Thus the child support office is alerted to issue a new income withholding order as appropriate. Even if the employee left during the first pay period, a termination report must be made because:

    • An employer-employee relationship existed
    • The employee filled out a W-4 form
    • A new hire report was submitted for that employee
    • A withholding order/notice was received for that employee

      How to Report Terminations:

      Upon termination, mail or fax the following information to the office which sent the income withholding notice:

      • Employees Full Name
      • Employees Social Security Number
      • Employees Last Known Home Address
      • New Employer and Address (if known)
      • Date of Separation

      Additional information on medical support or insurance must be reported, primarily to avoid interruption of medical coverage for the employees child(ren).

      The employee must make child support payments directly to SCaDU until a new income withholding order/notice is issued to a new employer. This action will avoid any interruption of child support payments and accrual of child support debt for the employees child(ren).