What should I bring with me when I apply and/or am interviewed?

    Division of Welfare and Supportive Services staff need to verify the information you provide, so it's helpful to bring the following items:

    A Nevada drivers license or other Identification (ID) (a picture ID is not required)
    A Social Security card or proof you have applied for one
    Proof of income, such as pay stubs or a statement from your employer, award letter from Social Security etc.
    Proof of child care expenses or expenses related to care for a disabled household member
    Proof of child support payments made by you or another household member to someone outside of your household (court order and receipts)
    Bank statements and other proof of assets such as vehicle ownership.
    Proof of rent and utilities, such as rent receipt, utility bills.
    Proof of un-reimbursed medical expenses for elderly or disabled household members.

    Your application will be date stamped at the office and an interview time scheduled. Elderly or disabled individuals are not required to have an in person interview and their interviews are conducted on the phone. If you meet certain expedited service conditions you may be seen the same or next work day.

      What if I miss the interview appointment?

      It is important to keep the interview or report any hardships with completing an interview. It is up to you to reschedule missed appointments. If you do not appear for a pre-scheduled interview and no appointment to complete the interview is rescheduled, your application will be denied at the end of 30 days from the date of application. Once denied, you have to reapply.