Am I allowed any deductions from my income for my expenses?

    The following are deducted from your income:

    $193 from your gross monthly income (a standard deduction) up to $258 depending upon the household size.
    If working, 20 percent of your gross monthly earned income.
    Deduction for actual child care or care for an incapacitated adult so you can work or attend school or training.
    Up to $624 in shelter costs. This includes rent or mortgage payments, up to $370 for utilities, and in some cases $27 for a phone.
    Child support payments which are court ordered (legally obligated) and actually paid to individuals outside the home.
    Individuals age 60 or older or those receiving Supplemental Security or Social Security disability income may deduct un-reimbursed medical expenses of more than $35 a month. They also may be given a higher shelter deduction.