Are SNAP benefits only for people who are on welfare?

    No, that's a myth. Many working people both single and with families, use SNAP benefits to make ends meet, as do many people who are elderly or disabled. The truth is, about 80 percent of the people who receive SNAP benefits are not on welfare.


      We have a hard time buying food each month, but I would be really embarrassed to have my neighbors see me use SNAP benefits.

      Nevada issues SNAP benefits using an EBT account for each household. The benefits are accessed with a Nevada EBT Card which looks like a debit/credit card at the point of food purchase. This makes shopping with SNAP benefits easier than ever and most people will not know you are using SNAP benefits.



        How do I apply if I am in a domestic violence center for abused persons and will my whereabouts be kept confidential?

        You may file an application at the local Welfare Office in person, through the mail, by fax or through many domestic violence advocacy organizations. Most advocacy organizations have a supply of applications and are able to assist you with completing and submitting them to the local Welfare Office. You may also choose to appoint a domestic violence advocacy organization/person as an Authorized Representative, which allows them to apply on your behalf.

        Federal and state regulations prohibit the disclosure of information pertaining to you and your child(ren). All information concerning you is confidential and your location will not be released.