SNAP - Deductions:



After adding all of your household's countable income, certain deductions are subtracted. The income after deductions must fall below a certain dollar amount for your household to get SNAP benefits. This dollar amount will depend on the number of people in your household. The following deductions are allowed for all households:

  • Standard deduction;
  • 20 percent of earned income;
  • Actual costs of dependent care (There is a dollar limit of the amount of the deduction. Dependent care includes care for children and disabled adults if this care is needed so a household member can work, look for a job, get training or education leading to a job.);
  • Legally owed child-support payments;
  • Shelter expenses that are more than half of your income (There is a dollar limit of the amount of shelter expenses that may be deducted unless there is an elderly or disabled member. If there is an elderly or disabled member, the dollar limit does not apply); and
  • Medical expenses over $35 a month for household members who are age 60 or older or receiving certain disability payments (Medical costs are deductible only if they are not covered by insurance, a government program, or some other source).