COVID 19 Child Care Guidance and Resources

Nevada’s Health Response COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Initiative (Initiative) was launched on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 pursuant to Governor Sisolak’s March 12, 2020 Declaration of Emergency. 

The Governor’s COVID-19 Initiative identified essential services and sectors including “child care centers and daycares operating in accordance with requirements set forth by their licensing authorities and COVID-19 guidance.”  This document provides additional guidance, info and resources for the operation of child care centers and daycares businesses during this health crisis.

In this COVID-19 crisis, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) understands child care and day care are critical many families as well as to the mission of providing essential services.  We are providing guidance relating to our goals during this crisis:

Expedite Creation of Emergency Child Care

Support Existing Child Care Providers

Connect Essential Services and Emergency Workers to Child Care

Provide Resources to Protect the Health & Safety of Employees & Children

Help Families Dealing with The COVID-19 Crisis

Provide Resources for Families Putting Together Informal Child Care Solutions

Provide Investments & Regulatory Flexibility to Protect the Long – Term Sustainability of Child Care in Nevada

    Expedite Creation of Emergency Child Care

    The state supports the creation of emergency child care, particularly in support of essential service and emergency workers.  DHHS requests that you complete the form linked below to register your temporary child care facility. No pre-inspections are required at this time. 

    We are offering the following resources to expedite the creation of care:

    The state has created an expedited registry of emergency child care providers.  Sign up here to register:

    ***** Nevada Emergency Child Care Registration form  *****

    State of Nevada Child Care Licensing Reference Guide offers streamlined child care standards to protect children and staff when standing up temporary child care facilities.  This document also includes guidance on COVID-19 cleaning and health protocols for child care:

    CDC Resources for Child Care

    Child care providers are designated as essential service providers during the COVID-19 crisis if they meet the following criteria:

    Completed their Emergency Child Care Registry form

    Providing services to Emergency Workers and Essential Service Workers

    Provide a plan to prevent spread of infectious disease (including COVID-19)


    Nevada Child Care Licensing:

      Support Existing Child Care Providers


      The Child Care Development Program (CCDP) implements the state’s child care block grant.  The state has reached out to our partners locally and at the federal government to provide flexibility and support providers in these turbulent times.  The CCDP has issued the following guidance proactively:

      Make it a priority to process eligibility for parents who need a subsidy – esp. those impacted by COVID-19;

      Use program flexibility to support providers who are serving fewer children;

      The Child Care Development program has provided support on subsidy payments to help families keep their care and child care businesses stay open; and

      Help health care, first responders, mental health, grocery workers find child care.

      Child care facilities located in Washoe County, Nevada are licensed by the Washoe County Department of Social Services. State child care licensing has no jurisdiction over these facilities. Click the link below for more information.

      Nevada Child Care Licensing:

        Connect Essential Services and Emergency Workers to Child Care

        During the COVID-19 crisis, the definition of Essential Service and Emergency Workers includes the providers of:


        Emergency Medical Services,

        Long-Term and Post-Acute Care;

        Law Enforcement Personnel;

        Personnel Providing Correctional Services;

        Public Health Employees;

        Firefighters and other First Responders; as well as

        Grocery, Pharmacy and Child Care Providers.

        Essential services and emergency workers are critical to the State's response to COVID-19. 

        In Clark County, contact the Las Vegas Urban League for help finding child care (online or by phone):  or 702-473-9400  or 855-4UL-KIDS toll free

        For the rest of Nevada, contact the Children’s Cabinet for help finding child care (online or by phone):  or 775-856-6200

          Provide Resources To Protect The Health & Safety of Employees, Parents & Children

          Coronavirus Information for Child Care Facilities:

          The State of Nevada Child Care Licensing Reference Guide includes health and safety guidance specific to COVID-19:

          Resources for supporting Young Children’s Social Emotional Well Being


          Using Parental Controls for TV and Digital Video: Toddlers through Teens

            Help Families Dealing With The COVID-19 Crisis

            Need to file for unemployment?

            Need to file for food, financial or medical assistance?  Our offices are closed to the public; please apply online at: 


            Self-Care for Parents & Caregivers



            Tips for Working and Learning from Home


            Guide on Coronavirus from



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              General Information for Families - Healthy Child



                Provide Resources For Families Putting Together Informal Child Care Solutions

                Back Up Child Care Planner

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                  Provide Investments & Regulatory Flexibility to Protect the Long – Term Sustainability of Child Care in Nevada

                  The Child Care Development Program has issued the following policy changes and transmittals as of Monday, March 16th, 2020 to support families and child care providers:

                  Any licensed provider in Nevada that is closed by any government agency due to COVID-19 will continue to receive subsidy payments based on the previous month’s enrollment for the term of the quarantine. If a child that is enrolled in one of these programs enrolls in another program due to the closure, subsidy will be paid to both providers through the term of the quarantine or for up to 30 days, whichever is less, as long as the second provider is also eligible for subsidy.

                  All children participating in the subsidy program will not be subject to termination based on number of absent days until further notice.

                  Any 12-month redetermination that is due between March 16th, 2020 and June 1st, 2020 will automatically be renewed for an additional 12 months. No renewal documents are required by families.