Eligibility Criteria

New Employees of Nevada (NEON)

NEON is Nevada's employment and training program whose purpose is to reduce or eliminate dependency on public assistance by providing employment services, education, training and support services to TANF NEON recipients.

NEON participation is mandatory for most cases with a work-eligible individual in the home. Single parents with a child under a year of age may be exempt up to 3 months per child, for a maximum of 12 months in a life time. A parent who is required in the home to provide care for an ill or incapacitated family member may qualify for an exemption. Exempt parents have the option to voluntarily participate in the program.

NEON participants must develop a Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP) with their case manager. The plan will outline the work activities that will be required of the participant to maintain eligibility for the program and move toward self-sufficiency, as well as the support services the Division will provide to assist the participant in attaining this goal. Examples of activities include Job Readiness Workshops, Job Search, vocational education, community work experience and employment.

Support services available to NEON participants include: child care, transportation, work-related clothing and other work-related items necessary for training or employment. These may include tools, uniforms, shoes, work permits, heath cards, ID, physicals, etc. Participants may also receive family counseling, family planning counseling, health referrals, job placement referrals, etc.

Mandatory participants who do not cooperate with the development of their Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP), or who fail to comply with the terms of their PRP are subject to termination of benefits and a sanction sit-out period of three consecutive months.


    Personal Responsibility Plan

    The "Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP)", is a contract between the Division and the TANF-NEON and Child-Only households outlining a jointly-developed plan to:

    • assist the TANF-NEON household to achieve their highest level of self sufficiency;

    • and
    • to meet the specialized needs of Child-Only households.

    The plan is signed within 60 days of TANF approval and includes a date, not more than 24 months later, when it expires.




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