Investigations & Recovery - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a penalty for Intentional Program Violation?

Yes. When an individual commits a first violation he will be disqualified from TANF, FS and EAP program participation for a period of 12 months. The second violation carries a disqualification of 24 months and the final penalty is a permanent disqualification from the program.

If you commit a first program violation while receiving TANF and child care benefits, you will be ineligible for TANF benefits for a period of 12 months. During this time period you will also not be entitled to the NEON support services and your NEON child care will be terminated.

If you commit a program violation in the Child Care program and you are not currently receiving TANF, your penalty is a 2-step subsidy percentage reduction in child care for a period of 6 months for the first occurrence, 3 steps for 12 months during the second occurrence and a permanent disqualification for the third violation.

For example: If the household qualifies for a 100% subsidy and they are convicted of a child care 1st occurrence IPV, the maximum subsidy percentage paid by the Child Care program would be reduced to 75% for 6 months.

If you misrepresent your identity or your place of residence in an attempt to secure multiple benefits at the same time, you will be disqualified from participation in that program for 10 years. The penalty applies even if the household does not actually receive multiple benefits.