Investigations & Recovery - Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Investigations and Recovery Services do?

Unit Activities

  • Identify and reduce fraud and abuse in Division of Welfare and Supportive Services programs, through investigation of suspected fraud to determine intent and appropriate penalties.
  • Identify and locate absent parents of Welfare recipient children when the non-custodial parent is not known to the client.
  • Determine the value of overpaid program benefits.
  • Pursue collection of Division of Welfare and Supportive Services debts through reduction of benefits, voluntary payments, court orders or Federal Tax Intercept.
  • Promote program integrity and penalize intentional program violators using administrative disqualifications and/or criminal prosecutions.

Investigations are conducted by State of Nevada Compliance Investigators. Welfare Investigators receive referrals to investigate allegations of fraud and abuse by varied means. Nevada residents are concerned about program integrity in public assistance benefit programs and may observe conditions that they feel warrant review or investigation by the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services. Many investigations are conducted based on these concerned citizen reports.

Investigators will review new and ongoing applications for public assistance and attempt to confirm an applicant's reported circumstances. Investigators may talk to landlords, neighbors, family members, employers, schools, banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, and conduct surveillance to ensure the validity of an applicant/recipient circumstances.

If fraudulent circumstances are confirmed, the investigator will report his findings to the caseworker to be reviewed for possible over payment calculation, referral for Intentional Program Violation Hearing process or even prosecution.

If you would like to communicate with the Nevada Investigations and Recovery Services please contact the office closest to you.