Frequently Asked Questions:


General Information New Employees Social Services Special Projects  FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Who is considered a mandatory TANF participant? 

    • Mandatory Work-eligible NEON TANF participants are: A mandatory TANF participant is one who receives a cash grant for themselves and their children.


      Are there any exceptions? 

    • Yes. A mandatory TANF participant may claim an exemption to stay home with a child under the age of one year.


    How long does the exemption last? 

    • The exemption is no more than twelve (12) months within the lifetime of the mandatory TANF participant. Since TANF participants are limited to twenty-four months of TANF cash at one time, losing a years time designed to help you become self-sufficient may not be wise.


    Can you pay for items I need to get a job?

    • Yes. Support services include vouchers for work-related items such as clothing, equipment, and work permits