New Employees


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    New Employees of Nevada (NEON):


    NEON is a program designed to help mandatory TANF participants, possessing various degrees of job readiness and experience, gain fulfilling employment through:

    • Assessments of
      • Employability
      • Strengths
      • Goals
      • Barriers
    • Education
      • GED preparation
      • Skill training
      • Post Secondary training
    • Life Skills
      • Parenting
      • Job search
      • Budgeting
      • Designing strategies for life's pot holes
      • Placement assistance
    • Community Work Experience Program (CWEP)
      • On-site training
      • Practical experience
      • Learning to function within expected guidelines

    The NEON program also provides Support Services in the form of:

    • Work-related clothing
    • Work-related tools
    • Transportation assistance
      • Bus pass
      • Gas reimbursement
      • Car repairs
    • Work permits


    NEON is a mandatory program for adult members receiving TANF cash assistance. A single parent is required to work with their case manager to find and participate in thirty hours of activities designed to improve their employability each week. When two parents are in the household the participants are required to participate thirty-five hours per week.


    Work experience, like volunteer work, can be an opportunity for growth, expand your horizons and make new contacts within the community. Work experience gives you an opportunity to:

    • Learn new skills or keep your skills current
    • Establish a recent and local work history
    • Develop or maintain good work habits
    • Obtain job references by developing your reputation as a productive potential employee
    • Help your family adjust to a working schedule
    • Become more confident in the work force
    • Build confidence in yourself and your skills


    Nevada has strict rules regarding time limits households may receive TANF cash. Therefore, when mandatory TANF participants fail to comply with work related activities, they are given a once-in-their-lifetime thirty (30) day period to comply. Once the thirty days has elapsed, the household loses their TANF cash monies. After the thirty (30) day period is used, mandatory participants must become compliant within ten (10) days.