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    General Information

    The Employment and Training (E&T) Unit's primary responsibility is to plan, develop, implement and maintain program policies and procedures for the TANF Employment and Training Program (NEON) and the SNAP Employment and Training program (SNAPET).

    The NEON program provides Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients a means to acquire employment related education, vocational skills, work experience and job seeking/retention skills to allow them to achieve economic independence through employment.  

    The program assists recipients in overcoming barriers to employment by providing support services including, child care assistance, transportation assistance and employment related special needs such as clothing and tools. TANF recipients with significant barriers to employment such as drug/alcohol addiction, domestic violence issues and /or mental health concerns are case managed by the Division's licensed social workers.

    Drug/Alcohol treatment, domestic violence shelter/counseling, and mental health treatment/counseling is available to work-eligible TANF recipients via contracts with service providers and referrals to community agencies and organizations. All program services are developed and provided with the ultimate goal of assisting the family achieve their highest level of economic self-sufficiency.

    The SNAPET program provides an orientation and structured job search program to assist Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients become employed. Assistance with transportation and employment related needs is available.

    The Employment and Training Unit also participates in a number of TANF-related community initiatives such as, reduction of child poverty, reduction in out-of-wedlock births, teen pregnancy prevention, statutory rape education/prevention, healthy marriage and faith-based services.